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Home Improvement

We know there are plenty of people who like to take care of their own home improvement needs. And for some projects, it makes sense to do it yourself. After all, if you can do it yourself, you can often save a little money — as long as you don’t mind putting in a little (or a lot) of your time. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? What happens if you don’t have the knowledge or skill to accomplish what you trying to do? What if you just get mixed up and do things wrong? Here are 10 hilarious DIY home projects that didn’t go as planned, as found on This Old House: (more…)

For some, very little compares the the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that can come with a successfully completed home improvement project. Home improvement can bring greater enjoyment in your home, and when you do it yourself, it can even save you money. But sometimes you need inspiration, advice and someone to show you how it’s done. That’s where the blogosphere comes in. Here are 50 of the top DIY home improvement blogs that can get you moving on the right track: (more…)