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Do it yourself

If you are a home remodeler, home builder or a construction manager who is about to begin a remodeling project, the list of the top 50 construction and home-building industry jobs on this page can be of great benefit to you. Here, you will hear first-hand information from a wide range of construction issues and aspects. Whether you are a novice or an seasoned professional in the construction trade, reading about other individual’s experiences can prove as useful guidelines. (more…)

Warmer weather seems to stimulate a home owner’s DIY gene. But, instead of remodeling a bathroom or laying a new floor, you might want to repair what needs to be fixed first. In this list of 50 excellent YouTube videos for DIY home repair, you can learn how to prioritize home repairs as well as learn how to do most of the work yourself. You may even become interested in obtaining an inspection license or learn more about construction management. (more…)

We know there are plenty of people who like to take care of their own home improvement needs. And for some projects, it makes sense to do it yourself. After all, if you can do it yourself, you can often save a little money — as long as you don’t mind putting in a little (or a lot) of your time. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? What happens if you don’t have the knowledge or skill to accomplish what you trying to do? What if you just get mixed up and do things wrong? Here are 10 hilarious DIY home projects that didn’t go as planned, as found on This Old House: (more…)