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Master’s in Operations Management Degrees

A master’s degree in operations management is a graduate degree that combines studies in Business Administration with Operations Research. It is designed for students with quantitative backgrounds and provides preparation for solving problems that result from operational challenges in today’s leading business.

What is Operations Management?

Operations management involves the essential steps of producing goods, quality control, quality management, managing the supply chain, product formulation, ordering of goods, warehousing of goods, contacting vendors, and purchasing products. There are several different specialties that you can specialize in for your career including: Operations Manager, Materials Manager, Purchasing Manager, Industrial Production Manager, Operations Research Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager, Facilities Coordinator, and Logistics Manager. Salaries vary. A new graduate without experience earns between $50,000 – $60,000. The average salary of a mid-level professional is $85,000 with production managers earning $100,000 plus performance bonuses.

The Master’s in Operations Management Degree

Programs focus on the concepts, methodologies, and strategies required to manage work processes, projects, and people in a wide spectrum of organizations, including business, military, government, and non-profit. Curricula emphasize practical knowledge in such disciplines as project planning, quality management, economic decision-making, supply chain management, human behavior analysis, and operations research. Typical courses in Operations Management Master’s programs include Cost Estimation, Introduction to Operations Management, and Principles of Operations Research.