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Master’s in Construction Management Degrees

The master’s degree in construction management is one of the highest levels of academic study available to Construction Management professionals.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is concerned with the materials and methods of the building process and the strategies for ensuring a project is completed on-time and under budget. Construction Managers plan, coordinate, and execute simple to complex construction projects and are responsible for keeping the workforce motivated and capable to deal with the many challenges that arise during construction projects. These managers must be familiar with project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, and safety management.

The Master’s in Construction Management Degree

Master’s programs in construction management prepare graduates to supervise, manage, and oversee construction projects from the earliest stages of development to the finished design-build stage. Students take classes in commercial, residential, mechanical, highway/heavy civil, electrical, environmental, industrial, and specialty construction; facilities management; project planning; budgeting and cost control; logistics and materials management; personnel management and labor relations; site safety; construction contracting; construction processes and techniques; organization and scheduling; and applicable codes and regulations. Prerequisites of these programs include the GRE, bachelor’s degree, a minimum GPA (varies), and specific course requirements including math, English, and science. Graduates work as Construction managers, project managers, estimators, purchasing agents, contractors, and code enforcement officers.