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Associate’s in Operations Management Degrees

The associate degree in operations management provides an entry-level overview of the basic tenants of operations management.

What is Operations Management?

Operations management involves the design and supervision of business operations used for the production of goods and services. Operations managers are concerned with the efficiency of business systems while finding ways to expand the system’s capability to meet customer demands. They study the process of converting inputs, such as labor and materials, into outputs, such as goods and services. These individuals are often responsible for the development, production, and manufacturing of the finished product.

The Associate’s in Operations Management Program

Associate’s programs in operations management offer courses that impart both technical and business management skills required to succeed in this career. Curricula teach the elements of manufacturing, distribution, quality control, purchasing, managing employees, creating a safe work environment, and executing an effective strategy. Prerequisites for these programs include a high school diploma or GED and select experience in math and English. A sample of courses one might encounter includes business law, management, accounting, human resources, materials management, labor relations management, and communications. Graduates from these programs often go on to become quality assurance managers, aviation operations managers, transportation managers, distribution managers, supply chain analysts, and stocking specialists.