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Associate’s in Management Degrees

Programs that confer the associate’s in management degree allow students to enter a career in the business management field.

What is Management?

Management is defined as the methodologies used to organize people for the purpose of accomplishing desired goals through the use of available resources. Management involves the use of staffing, planning, designing, leading, and controlling human capital.

The Associate in Management Degree

Associate’s programs in management usually take two years to complete. Curricula feature courses in finance, management principles, organizational strategy, internet programming, business communication, ethics, and human resources. Students explore financial management, business practices, government regulations, business types, and learn critical thinking, computer, managerial, conflict resolution, and communication skills. Programs also teach common office programs, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, and Quicken.

Career Options

The associate’s degree in management opens the door to the exciting world of business management. Holders of 2-year and 4-year degrees are much more likely to earn a higher salary and have more job opportunities when compared to their counterparts that only earn a high school diploma. In this competitive job market, the associate’s degree in management will demonstrate to employers that you have the basic skills and desire to succeed in the business field.

Online Associate’s in Management Degrees