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Associate’s in Contract Management Degrees

An associate’s degree in contract management allows students to become skilled in the art of managing a variety of contracts. As contracts are such a vital part of business, the need for employees responsible for their management should promote a strong future for this career.

What is Contract Management?

Contract management involves the negotiation and compliance with terms and conditions of contracts. Contract Managers are instrumental in the drafting, executing, and analysis of contracts and enable the firm to maximize financial and operational performance. Contracts come in all shapes and sizes, a few examples include employment letters, invoices, construction, intellectual property, and purchase orders. Contract Managing involves the following business areas: negotiation, management, contract visibility and awareness, and growth.

The Associate’s in Contract Management Degree

Associate’s programs in contract management usually feature courses in operations, finance, math, contracting, accounting, economics, and management theory. Students learn best practices and skills for effectively negotiating, executing, and servicing contracts. Graduates have the capability to work in a variety of fields, as most business situations involve the need for contracts. Contract management is often a necessary component of large construction firms working on complex infrastructure projects. Prerequisites for most programs include a high school diploma and experience in taking classes such as math, economics, and business.