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Top 50 Construction and Homebuilding Industry Blogs

If you are a home remodeler, home builder or a construction manager who is about to begin a remodeling project, the list of the top 50 construction and home-building industry jobs on this page can be of great benefit to you. Here, you will hear first-hand information from a wide range of construction issues and aspects. Whether you are a novice or an seasoned professional in the construction trade, reading about other individual’s experiences can prove as useful guidelines.

Home Owner’s Guide

  1. Remodel100K House: A blog that originated as a record of building a LEED Platinum home, that now discusses more recent building issues and experiences in a personal and professional way.
  2. Homeowner’s & Trades Resource Center: Provides a variety of blogs that cover topics such as bad building practices, safety and sustainable remodeling.
  3. Home Building and Interior Design: This blog covers a huge topic of remodeling questions, such as permits, costs, and planning. Great resource for a “do-it-yourselfer.”
  4. Home Remodeling Bootcamp Blog: Gets down to the basics of remodeling that every homeowner should know. How do you keep from getting burned by a contractor? Learn how on this blog.
  5. Home Sweet Home: If you are looking for ideas, designs and advice for online supplies, this is a good blog to begin your search.
  6. Kathy’s Remodeling Blog: A refreshing approach to discussing the mechanics of everything from appliances to plumbing. Presented in every day language that every one can understand.
  7. One Project Closer: The idea behind this blog is to help the do-it-yourselfer homeowner through the completion of the seemingly endless list of home repairs and projects.
  8. The Quirky Contractor: This contractor enjoys and seeks innovation. Anything and everything about construction is game, and this quirky contractor always tries to find a new way to do something or listen to a new idea and try to apply it.
  9. Young House Love: A record of learn-as-you-go, kept by a young and enthusiastic couple. Very personable approach to home improvement guidelines and experiences.

Business Guide

  1. ConstructionBest Practices Construction Law: A legal blog for people in the construction and building industries. Provides peer reviews and project analysis that can help with best practice decisions.
  2. Bob The Builder’s Blog: This is a first-hand account of various aspects of homebuilding. Provides photos and video tutorials.
  3. Builder News Blog: From the editor of Builder’s News, this blog offers a polished view on a wide range of construction issues and topics.
  4. Collaborative Construction Blog: A blog that focuses on helping to negotiate agreements among stakeholders in the construction industry.
  5. Construction Informer: This blog does just what it says it does – inform. Loaded with downloads, podcasts and a variety of resources for your business needs.
  6. Federal Construction Contracting Blog: From a team of legal experts, this blogs informs and guides contractors who work with federal contracts.
  7. Good Home Construction: A blog that focuses on the restoration and renovation of the vintage homes of Southern California. Before and after photos of pouring the foundation to the finishing touches with décor.
  8. Home Improvement & DIY Advice: Need tips on any aspect of home construction, large or small? This blog offers photos and detailed advice. Great span of topics on tools and equipment.
  9. New Home Builder’s Blog: A comprehensive listing of home builders in several states that provides good detail of their services and experience. Also showcases their most recent listings
  10. New Home Construction. This blog offers a variety of resources that cover topics such as design centers, hot new products and corporate news. A great one-stop blog to help with nearly any construction need.

Architecture By Design

  1. Architecture Design3rings: Architects and designers alike will enjoy this products blog that displays and discusses many new concepts and their applications.
  2. A Dailey Dose Of Architecture: Rich with the new and old world heritage of New York architecture. Daily updates and images.
  3. A456: Begun as a way to share thoughts about architecture. This blog will help to expand ideas about concept and design.
  4. AnArchitecture: Though an Austrian-based blog, the focus here is an international one. It dares the reader to broaden their concepts of design, push the envelope further than they thought they could stretch.
  5. Archinect: A multi-disciplinary discussion by designers from around the world. This blog offers new approaches and insights to design.
  6. BLDGBLOG: From the editor of Dwell Magazine, Geoff Manaugh has provided a place for lively discussion about planning, landscape and a variety of other architectural issues.
  7. BUILD: BUILD relies on diverse professional and construction backgrounds to provide a balanced and thoughtful approach to architecture, design and structural engineering projects.
  8. City Of Sound: A great blog for city design 101. Many architects have argued function over form, but this blogger concludes that design determines how these two elements can integrate.
  9. Design Spotter: If you live and breathe contemporary design, this is a blog for you. Looks at such topics as accessories, lighting and new material.
  10. Inhabitat: Complete with an excellent photo gallery, this blog showcases some of the best designs of today. A must-see.
  11. Super Colossal: This blog offers “architectural ephemera” , news and exciting projects from Sydney Australia.

Going Green

  1. TaosGreen Building: This blog, by environmental reporter Katie Zemtseff, has a focus on Seattle and the surrounding region, however, the view extends to other points of interest.
  2. Earth Architecture: A showcase of sustainable architecture and design constructed with earthen materials from around the world.
  3. Green Bean: Based in Chicago, one of the greenest cities in the country, this blog provides insight into on-going projects as well as those in the planning stages.
  4. Green Building Law Update: Chris Cheatham, a construction attorney, blogs about land use, codes and regulations as they relate to environmental law.
  5. Green Buildings NYC: If you are looking to secure office space with the intention to green-up your business practices, this is the blog for you.
  6. Greenconstructionuk’s Blog: A great blog focussing on energy-efficient homes that support environmentally-friendly designs.
  7. Green Goddess: A woman’s perspective in the construction industry and how, as a consultant, she has worked towards educating homeowners and builders in sustainable construction.
  8. Jetson Green: An environmentally-minded blog that invites professionals in the construction industry to join in discussions.
  9. Resilience Science: This blog focuses on practical measures in which to incorporate green design and urban ecology.
  10. Treehugger: An award winning journal that posts news and technology for a greener future.

Landscape and Construction

  1. Landscape DesignFree Soil. A collaboration of various activists, artists and gardeners, this blog resolves to take a hands-on approach to sustainable design.
  2. Garden History Girl. This blog has a passion to look beyond the mundane thinking that our landscape is only a collection of plants. To her, it is art.
  3. Landezine. To this blog, no place is without the potential to being sculpted, not even our final resting place. Wonderfully inventive.
  4. Landscape Architeck. Ideas gleaned from around the world in various disciplines of planning and design.
  5. Landscape Designer. Paul Corsetti blogs about his years of experience in the landscape architecture industry combined with his love of gardening.
  6. Landscape Design Advice. Have a landscape or design question? This is the place to post and respond with your own advice.
  7. My Urban Garden Deco Guide. An environmentally-conscious blog that discusses ideas, products for an urban setting.
  8. Places And Spaces. Provides recent news and comments about developments within the landscape industry.
  9. Pruned. An offering of photos, videos and comments on unusual and interesting design.
  10. Turned Earth. Detailed blog that covers garden issues ranging from pests to sculpture to furniture.

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