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25 Awesome Infographics to Visualize the Housing Crisis

One of the reasons that we are having such a problem in our economy is due to the crash of the housing market. Indeed, the housing market crash that some say began in 2007 and accelerated through 2008 (with the financial crisis of 2008 helping out). Those involved in construction management know first hand the issues that have plagued the housing market since the crash. With home prices still quite low, there are some immediate worries.

However, as the economy shows signs of picking up, there are hopes that the housing market will also pick up some speed. If that is the case, home prices will rise as demand for homes increases, and as inventory (especially foreclosures) dwindle. If this is the case, then it isn’t a bad time to get a construction management degree; you should be done about the time demand for someone with your skills increases.

If you are interested in the housing market crash, you can get a visual idea of the way things happened with the help of infographics and other aids. Here are 25 awesome aids that can help you learn your way around the housing market crash:

Housing Market Crash and Continuing Housing Crisis

Learn more about the housing market crash, and about what caused it. Helpful inforgraphics showing what happened, and why we are where we are at right now.

  1. US Housing Crisis: Provides a visual timeline of the housing market crisis, what caused it, and where we are headed. An interesting look at the recent past. And a chilling explanation of how far we still have to go.
  2. Millennials Optimistic About Housing Market: The crisis isn’t all bad. Apparently, there are some who are looking forward to the housing market. Some homeowners still say homeownership is a good investment, and there are plenty planning to buy a home, thanks to the buyer’s market.
  3. The Crash of Housing Construction: uses an infographic to describe the crash of housing construction. As everything accelerated and demand dropped off, so did the construction of new homes.
  4. Infographic on World-Wide Housing Bubble: Learn more about the housing bubble worldwide. This interactive infographic offers interesting information and more on the housing bubble.
  5. The Housing Bubble Visualized: This infographic takes a look at single family home sales between 1963 and 2009. It shows the rise of the housing bubble, and the subsequent crash and housing crisis. Also includes information on the percent of sales per region in the U.S.
  6. U.S. Home Prices, Adjusted for Inflation: This animated infographic shows U.S. home prices as a roller coaster. An interesting look at home prices, the housing bubble, and inflation adjusted prices. Gets scary as you head toward the big crash and the crisis.
  7. 2008 Financial Crisis: This infographic shows the growth of subprime borrowers as part of the housing market. This growth of subprime borrowers is one of the reasons that we have a housing crisis.
  8. A Look at Home Prices: The Wall Street Journal offers an interactive map showing Case-Shiller home prices for different markets.
  9. State By State Housing Market Infographic: See where we are at right now. This infographic offers you a look.


One of the main issues in the housing market crash has been the number of foreclosures that resulted from this crash. Indeed, foreclosures are still a problem. And, until the mortgage re-sets causing the problem work through the system, foreclosures will ensure that the housing crisis remains very real.

  1. U.S. Home Foreclosures Are Still Rising: Looks at numbers from July 2009 to July 2010 to show that foreclosures are still a problem. While some improvement might have been seen since then, the fact of the matter is that no matter how much rhetoric went out during the summer about recovery, the housing crisis was far from over.
  2. The Facts About U.S. Foreclosures: This fact based infographic takes a look at where the foreclosures are highest, and examines some of the numbers regarding foreclosures.
  3. A Year in Foreclosures: Another great infographic from, this offers a look at bank owned properties. A sobering look at foreclosure from the financial web site.
  4. In the Shadow of Foreclosures: You can get an idea of the foreclosure crisis, and its role in the housing crisis. It seems clear why we are still struggling with the housing market when you consider that this is the legacy we have to deal with.
  5. Foreclosure and Bankruptcy in America: This infographic from 2009 shows the state of affairs that year. Clearly, these numbers were on the rise, in large part due to the housing crisis.
  6. Foreclosure Nation: This infographic from the Washington Post offers some insight into the breakdown of foreclosures by county. An interesting look at foreclosures, and an illustration of where the housing market remains in greatest force.
  7. Foreclosure Drag: The Wall Street Journal shows you how the foreclosure crisis is affecting the amount of time homes spend on the market. This looks at the amount of times that homeowners remain in their homes, even after foreclosure.
  8. 2011 Foreclosure Trends: Get an idea of what is likely to happen next in the housing crisis. This foreclosure trends infographic helps you compare different months.

Housing Crisis and the Financial Crisis

Did the housing market crash cause the financial crisis? Or did the financial crisis worsen the housing crisis? Really, it’s all very interrelated. These infographics show you the role the housing market crash and crisis played in the wider global financial meltdown.

  1. Ecoland – Bubble Story: This is a great animated infographic explaining the economic bubble and how the housing market was part of the whole financial crisis.
  2. Crisis of Credit Visualized: Jonathan Jarvis offers an animated explanation of the role of the housing market in the financial crisis.
  3. Economic Meltdown of 2008-2009: Look in this infographic, and you will see a section on the role that the housing bubble played in the financial crisis.
  4. A Close Look at the Global Financial Crisis: You can see the place that the housing market crisis played in the global financial crisis. An interesting visualization.
  5. The Global Money Mess: Why is everyone blaming the housing crisis for the financial crash? This infographic offers you information on what happened to lead up to the crisis.
  6. In The Beginning: You can get an idea of the scope of the financial crisis, and the part real estate played in it, when you take a look at this infographic.
  7. A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis: This huge infographic shows the flow of money throughout the financial crisis, and includes the role the housing market — and its crash — played.
  8. Where Did All the Money Go?: A great illustration of what happened during the financial crisis and how the housing crisis was related to the meltdown.

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