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50 Free Web Apps to Make Beautiful Graphs

When you have a presentation to make, few things can be as helpful as a good visual aid. A graph can colorfully illustrate a point, and even convey complex data in a way that is easy to process. Creating a graph or a chart doesn’t have to be difficult, either. There are web apps that can help you create lovely graphs that can get your point across. Here are 50 free web apps that can help you make beautiful graphs.

Make Multiple Graphs

689px-Piecharts.svgYou can make a number of different graphs and charts with these applications, suiting your visual aids to your needs.

  1. Create a Graph: This offering from the National Center for Education Statistics provides the chance to create different kinds of graphs. It’s mainly for the kids, but it does a great job at simple graphs.
  2. Smart Draw: You can try this for free, creating a number of different graphs and charts, and then copy them into different applications you use, from PowerPoint to Word to Excel.
  3. ChartPart: Create bar, line, and pie graphs, as well as venn diagrams and scatter plots with this online tool.
  4. IntelliPRINT: You can get a free trial of this product that can turn your Lotus Notes into usable data in the form of graphs and charts.
  5. JS Charts: Generate JavaScript graphs for free. There is also a commercial license available.
  6. Web Chart Creator: Enjoy a 30-day free trial of this graph and chart generator that can help you make dynamic 3D graphs.
  7. ChartAll: Turn boring data into interesting visuals with this customizable graph and chart program.
  8. ChartGizmo: Generate bar and line graphs, as well as pie charts and other interesting and helpful visuals.
  9. Create graphs and charts to spice up your web site. Includes paid options as well as free options.
  10. ChartGo: Use this free graph generator to create a number of different kinds of charts and visuals.
  11. AnyChart: This is another graph application that offers a free trial. Just make sure you cancel before the trial period is over.
  12. Graph ZX: Create pie charts, bar graphs and more with this Shareware application.
  13. Chart Tool: Use this to design a number of different types of graphs and charts.
  14. Grapholic: Get your graph on — in a number of different ways — with this tool that allows you to create a number of different graphs.
  15. amCharts: Use different versions to create bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, and scatter charts.

Bar Graphs

If you are interested primarily in bar graphs, there are a number of applications you can use.

  1. 3D Graph Generator: This bar graph generator creates “fly-through” graphs that feel as though you are moving through the chart, and viewing it from different angles. Try the free trial first.
  2. Clustered/Stacked Filled Bar Graph Generator: This generator can help you create bar graphs that are either clustered or filled, adding visual variety to your presentations.
  3. BARCHART Tool: Generator your own bar graphs by punching in information and watching the product appear.
  4. Bar Graph Generator 1.0: Lite bar graph generator that is easy to use.
  5. 3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph: Create stacked bar graphs with ease when you use this software.
  6. Bar Chart Tool: Simple bar chart creator that can also create cluster charts.
  7. Bar Graph Generator: This online tool from offers a quick way to create bar graphs.

Pie Graphs

Pie and donut charts are interesting and easy to understand. Here are some ways to generate pie graphs.

  1. Yellowpipe: Designed to great pie graphs in 3D.
  2. Create pie charts that you can use for a number of presentations.
  3. PieColor: A fun app that allows you to use crazy colors and customize your pie graph.
  4. AT Pie Chart 1.2: Use simple PHP script to create a display using a pie graph.
  5. 1-2-3 PieCharts: Step by step process helps you create attractive pie charts.
  6. Pie Chart Creator: Create pie graphs with this free demo version. Or you can pay for a more advanced version.
  7. Free Pie Chart Generator: Make a pie chart with up to six slices quickly and easily.
  8. SpiceCharts 3D Pie Chart v1.6: Create pie graphs in 3D with this expressive app.

Line Graphs

While not always a lot of fun, line graphs can nevertheless get the point across. Here are some places for making line graphs.

  1. Graph 4.3: Create line graphs using mathematical functions. Great for problem solving or visualization.
  2. Make a Line Graph: Fill in the fields with different values, and watch a line graph appear before your eyes.
  3. ZGrapher: Line graphs made easy with this plot utility.
  4. Grapher: This graph creator has a demo form, and is marketed to engineers and scientists.
  5. A Line Graph Generator: Create a line graph on the fly, adjusting backgrounds, axes and more as you work.
  6. LINECHART Generator: Fill in the fields to customize your line graph.
  7. 2D/3D Line Graph for PHP: Create line graphs, and then get the PHP script to embed it online.

Animated Graphs

Add a little fun to presentations with animated graphs. You can get your point across online especially well with these.

  1. Animated Chart: Create charts using flash animation. A free version and a paid version.
  2. Swiff Chart: Interesting animated graphs. Free trial version and paid version both available.
  3. FusionCharts: Use the free demo trial to get an idea of what you can accomplish with these animated charts.
  4. XML/SWF Charts: Use this tool to create a number of different charts, including animated charts.
  5. Rich Chart Live: Use the free version of this graph generator to create attractive animated charts.
  6. CoPlot: A free version of this graph tool can allow you to animate your data in interesting ways.
  7. FlyCharts: Create interactive and animated graphs using the free version, or pay for a license.
  8. AmiChart: Sign up for a free trial and make professional looking animated graphs and charts until it runs out.

Miscellaneous Graphs

There are a number of other graphing programs that offer unique and interest data displays.

  1. Gliffy: Includes flow graphs, and different types of charts and diagrams for more interesting presentations with a free trial.
  2. Family Tree Builder: Create a visually interesting graphs showing different aspects of your genealogy.
  3. Online Function Grapher: Solve problems and see graphs of solutions with this mathematical graphing tool.
  4. Scatter Plot Maker: Generate a scatter plot graph with this simple and straightforward tool.
  5. StatPlanet Map Maker: Put your data in map form, adding different graphical information as needed.

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