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50 Excellent YouTube Videos for DIY Home Repair Help

Warmer weather seems to stimulate a home owner’s DIY gene. But, instead of remodeling a bathroom or laying a new floor, you might want to repair what needs to be fixed first. In this list of 50 excellent YouTube videos for DIY home repair, you can learn how to prioritize home repairs as well as learn how to do most of the work yourself. You may even become interested in obtaining an inspection license or learn more about construction management.

Home Inspection

InspectionsWatch videos that point out important problems so you know how to prioritize your exterior and interior repairs.

  1. How to Inspect the Exterior of Your House: A simple inspection of the exterior of your house can help you prevent problems and save money on repair bills.
  2. Home Inspection Problems: Home Improvement Expert David Lupberger takes a look at what home inspectors say are the most common problems they end up noting in their home inspection reports.
  3. Home Inspection Moisture Tools: Russ Fasullo of Avanti Home & Mold Inspections demonstrates the correct way to diagnose moisture problems.
  4. Home Inspection for Radon: With radon testing you can find radon in your home and install a radon mitigation system.
  5. Home Inspection of Insulation: Home inspector Jamie Dunsing explains what to look for during a home inspection of your insulation in the attic and around the hot water heater.
  6. Home Inspection Training – Electrical: Learn how the pros inspect the electrical systems in homes.
  7. Home Inspection Issues to Look out for: A professional home inspector identifies common problems in home inspections.

Exterior Repairs

  1. SidingDifferent Types of House Siding: Add value to a home by building up higher-quality siding.
  2. Exterior House Painting Tips: Learn how to check a house’s paint job to see if sanding, scraping or power washing needs to be done with help from a professional carpenter, woodworker or handyman.
  3. Exterior Painting: Tim Carter, of Ask the Builder, demonstrates the proper way to paint a house.
  4. How to Fix Rotting Siding on Your Home: An important step to ensure that your home’s siding is properly installed is to mark the walls where siding repairs need to be installed.
  5. Removing Vinyl Siding: How to remove vinyl siding from a mobile or modular home.
  6. Staining an Exterior House and Deck: In this video, Gary Sullivan with HomeWoRx and CertaPro reviews the results of staining a deck and house.
  7. Vinyl Siding Installation: How to Install vinyl siding on mobile and manufactured homes.
  8. Wood Home Exterior Painting Techniques: Learn about exterior painting instructions and techniques.
  9. Wood Siding Repair: Tim Carter, of Ask the Builder, shows a few easy tips for painting wood siding for your house.
  10. Home Repair Termites in Wood Rail: See and hear how to repair damaged wood from termites.
  11. How To Install A Pre-Hung Exterior Door: Learn how to install a new pre-hung exterior door with the following instructions.
  12. How to Replace Caulking on the Outside of Your House: Replace caulking on the exterior of a home.
  13. Installing Gutter Guards: Keep gutters clean and clear by installing guards using these tips.


  1. WindowsHow to Measure for House Replacement Windows: When measuring a house’s windows for replacements, it’s important to get exact measurements to take to the salesperson at a home improvement store.
  2. Replacing A Window: Tim Carter, of Ask the Builder, demonstrates how to install a new window and frame.
  3. Retrofit windows: Learn how to replace aluminum windows with energy efficient vinyl retrofit windows.
  4. How to replace a second-story window: Learn how this DIY builder replaced a second-story window.
  5. Window sill repair: Learn how to cover your old wood window sills with vinyl so you never have to paint again.


  1. ElectricalElectrical Symbols Used in the House Wiring Industry: Learn about symbols for a number of electrical fixtures with help from a home remodeling specialist.
  2. How to Tell if a Circuit Breaker Is Bad: Determine if a circuit has shorted or if a breaker is defective.
  3. About Old House Wiring: Find out how to figure out the wiring of an old house with tips from a licensed remodeling contractor.
  4. How to install an electrical outlet: Ron Tanner, of, shows how to install an electrical outlet in a wall using simple tools.
  5. How to Replace a Light Switch: Replace a light switch with tips from a certified HVAC tech and plumber.
  6. Replace Outdoor Electrical Plug and Cover: Learn how to safely replace an outdoor plug and its cover.
  7. How To Install a Dimmer Switch: Learn how to easily and quickly add a dimmer switch to an interior light switch.
  8. How to Install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI): Learn how to install the GFCI plug for kitchens and bathrooms.
  9. Installing a Ceiling Light Video: Mark Donovan of shows how to install a ceiling light.
  10. Replacing a Home’s Exterior Light Fixture: Mark Donovan now shows how to replace a home’s old exterior light fixture with a new one.
  11. How To Replace or Install a Ceiling Fan: The Home Depot shows how easy it is to replace an old ceiling fan with a new one.


PlumbingIt seems that James Drew, a certified HVAC tech and plumber from, is the highest-rated video king for plumbing repair at YouTube. Here are a few examples of his videos:

  1. How to Replace a Sink Drain: Replace a sink drain with tips from a certified HVAC tech and plumber in this free video on plumbing repairs.
  2. How to Repair a Leaky Pipe Quickly: Repair a leaky pipe quickly with tips.
  3. How to Unclog a Sink: When unclogging a sink, oftentimes a P-trap must be removed.
  4. How to Unclog a Toilet: If a plunger doesn’t work in unclogging a toilet, the only other option is to use a snake.
  5. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Tank: Fix a leaky toilet tank.
  6. How to Repair a Running Toilet: When a toilet is running all of the time, it’s usually because the flapper valve isn’t getting a good seal.
  7. How to Repair a Dripping Shower Head: A dripping shower head is caused by a problem with the shower valve or a leak in the head itself.

Other Repairs

  1. Bathroom CaulkingProfessional Basement Wall Crack Repair Instructions: This video properly shows the process of repairing poured foundation wall cracks using low-pressure concrete crack injection.
  2. How to Replace Cracked Tile: Replace cracked tile floor tiles using a grout scraper, pry bar, hammer and safety glasses.
  3. How to Repair Concrete Steps: How to repair, patch or restore broken, chipped or damaged concrete steps.
  4. How to Replace Caulk on Bathtub: How to remove and replace bathtub sealant or caulk and get a smooth bead on the new caulk.
  5. Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Painting kitchen cabinets is an easy and inexpensive way to bring old cabinets — and your entire kitchen — back to life.
  6. How to Repair Cracks and Holes in Drywall: This video shows ways to repair small cracks and holes in drywall to repair damage.
  7. Repairing a Large Hole in Drywall: This video covers repairs to very large holes created by home repair and remodeling.

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