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Top 50 DIY Home Improvement Blogs

For some, very little compares the the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that can come with a successfully completed home improvement project. Home improvement can bring greater enjoyment in your home, and when you do it yourself, it can even save you money. But sometimes you need inspiration, advice and someone to show you how it’s done. That’s where the blogosphere comes in. Here are 50 of the top DIY home improvement blogs that can get you moving on the right track:

Home Improvement Inspiration

506187659_611e8728baThese blogs provide you with a little bit of help in coming with ideas for home improvement projects. Figure out how to get started, and even get some encouragement for continuing or finishing current projects.

  1. Home Suite Homes: Get ideas on decor, projects and ways to make your home a more pleasant place to be.
  2. Floors, Walls & Ceilings: Focus is on projects you can do to enhance certain areas of your home — on a budget.
  3. Apartment Therapy: Learn how to improve small spaces. Loads of DIY ideas that can be accomplished no matter how little your home is.
  4. House in Progress: Look at what’s going on with a total remodel of a home — and get great ideas for your own remodeling project.
  5. A Constructed Life: Get ideas for home remodeling, with focus on the kitchen. Oh yeah. And stay sane while doing it.
  6. Home Improvement Ninja: Pictures and information about the efforts to remodel a 100 year old townhouse. Solid ideas from someone who is learning along with you.
  7. Hooked on Houses: Images of different homes that can give you great fodder for DIY home improvement projects.
  8. DIY & Decor: Tons of ideas on DIY decor and other home improvement ideas.
  9. BBC Homes: Get home improvement ideas from those folks in Great Britain.
  10. Rate My Space: Look at others’ photos from home improvement projects, and upload your own.

Home Improvement Advice

Need a little input on how to do something right? Learn the ins and outs of home improvement, and get some useful tips and information on how to get your DIY home improvement project done.

  1. Diva Toolbox: Learn how to get things done around the house. Written from a female perspective, but still plenty of good info for everyone.
  2. Handyman and Home Repair Professionals: Get solid information on home improvement from a professional builder.
  3. Ask the Builder: Home improvement advice straight from the source. This blog answers common DIY questions.
  4. I Can Fix Up My Home: Specific information on completing some projects and insight into how to accomplish your DIY home improvement projects.
  5. Renovation 101: Learn the basics of home remodeling and how to make your DIY projects a success.
  6. Builders Share: Great blog with tips and tricks. The blog went inactive in 2008, but the archives have loads of helpful information.
  7. Let’s Blog Construction: Step by step instructions for completing some common DIY home improvement projects.
  8. One Project Closer: Learn about remodeling and home improvement projects that can enhance your home, as well as useful tips, hacks and information.
  9. Home DIY Tips: Just what it sounds like. Plus, helpful information on projects around the yard and garden.
  10. Howsed: Get helpful how-tos on a number of DIY projects from leaking valves to hanging drywall.

Specialty DIY Home Improvement

If you are looking for specific advice on specific types of home improvement projects, there are a number of very helpful blogs. Here are some blogs that can get you headed in the right direction on a number of DIY projects:

  1. Ask the Electrician: Helpful articles, diagrams and how-tos on all things related to wiring.
  2. Ask a Plumber: Articles on plumbing, plus forums and other useful information related to getting your pipes in good order.
  3. That Painter Lady: Learn about painting projects and doing what you can to make your home beautiful inside and out.
  4. Lighting and Ceiling Fan Blog: Learn about lighting and installing ceiling fans. Product reviews and helpful diagrams included.
  5. The Happy Shower: This is a blog devoted to bathrooms. Learn about putting in different types of bathroom fixtures — including luxury fixtures.
  6. Home Theater System Advice: There are few things as frustrating as DIY home theater. But this blog can help ease your pain.
  7. 1800 AnyTyme: A number of helpful tips and information on a number of subjects. However, there is special emphasis on air conditioning and heating.
  8. Toolmonger: Learn how to use different tools, and what projects they are for. Also includes helpful product reviews.
  9. Today’s Green Construction: Great information on DIY home improvement to make things a little green. Tips on making a more sustainable lifestyle.
  10. The Safety Blog: Information on staying safe, making repairs and other subjects related to DIY. There are even some great DIY car care tips.

DIY Plans and Designs

Need some help planning your DIY home improvement project? Want some design ideas? These blogs can provide you with a helping hand.

  1. A Daily Dose of Architecture: Learn about architecture and the essentials of building. Some great imagery that is sure to inspire.
  2. Best House Design: Get ideas and look at home design plans.
  3. Best Houses and Home Design: Interesting pictures of unique homes and home floor plans.
  4. House Design News: Emphasis is on luxury homes. Interesting images and information about home design.
  5. Attic Insulation: A look at how to plan your attic, and better insulate it — especially if you are upgrading you insulation.
  6. Inhabitat: A design and planning blog with an emphasis on sustainability. Information on planning a greener home.
  7. Pruned: Learn about exterior design, including gardening and landscaping DIY home improvement.
  8. Charles & Hudson: Helpful planning and design hints, as well as tips on making the best decision for your home improvement project.
  9. DIY Home Improvement Help: Plans and design ideas for various home improvement projects.
  10. Furniture Fashion: Design ideas for sprucing up your home’s interior.

Home Improvement Videos

Many DIY home improvement blogs are kind enough to offer a number of videos to better illustrate how things are done. Here are some good ones.

  1. The Money Pit: Video eatures on different types of home improvements, in addition to helpful articles.
  2. HomeTime: See clips from the popular show, and learn how to do a number of DIY projects by watching the pros.
  3. Ask the Decorator: Online show that provides helpful information and demonstrations on a variety of DIY decorating projects.
  4. Home Wizards: Great videos on a number of DIY home improvement projects, along with answers to questions.
  5. Fine Home Building: Watch videos on completing a number of home improvement projects.
  6. Bob Vila: Well-known home improvement expert Bob Vila offers video tutorials on completing a number of DIY projects.
  7. 4Homes: Another British offering, this site offers videos of different homes, as well as helpful how-tos.
  8. Image Home Improvement LIVE: See online Webisodes twice a month on different home improvement subjects.
  9. DL.TV: Great videos and information on DIY digital home improvement projects.
  10. Handyguys Podcast: This is actually a podcast rather than a video, but it is nevertheless full of helpful information and tips for completing DIY home improvement projects.

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