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Top 50 Construction Blogs

Are you a construction business owner, or are you a home owner who seeks advice on rebuilding or remodeling? Or, perhaps you’re a designer who likes to stay on top of architectural or landscape architecture news. If so, the following list of top 50 construction blogs might whet your appetite to build, rearrange or redesign your surroundings.

The following list has been categorized for construction businesses, consumers, green construction, architecture and design and landscape design and construction. The links within those categorized alphabetically to show readers that we do not value one blog over another. All blogs have been updated within the past month, so you can read the latest information from each source.

For Construction Businesses

  1. Best Practices Construction Law: Matthew J. DeVries from Smith Cashion and Orr, PLC focuses on best practices within the construction industry.
  2. CELOG: CELOG stands for Construction Equipment [B]log, a site that brings the construction equipment industry news from throughout the world to readers who love construction equipment.
  3. Collaborative Construction Blog: This blog provides information that helps stakeholders in the construction industry take advantage of collaborative agreements, Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and technologies and Lean Construction techniques.
  4. Construction Informer: This blog provides readers with construction resources, news, commentary and discussion through blog entries, podcasts, downloads and marketing tools.
  5. Construction Marketing Ideas: Mark Buckshon specializes in marketing for construction, and he offers tips and ideas to construction business owners on this blog.
  6. Construction News: This blog, produced by Science Daily, is for construction business workers as well as for the general public. News, new developments and videos help keep readers up-to-date on construction trends.
  7. Federal Construction Contracting Blog: This blog, produced by Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman, provides readers with legal information and resources for federal construction contracts.
  8. Midwest Construction Law Blog: This blog is produced by Dave at Spencer Fane Britt & Brown, LLC in Missouri. Posts include information about green building laws, licensing issues, economic news and more.
  9. Safety & Health in Construction: is a non-profit organization that is singularly focused on safety and health issues in the construction industry, and this blog provides insight into their activities.
  10. The Construction Contractor’s Digest: Follow this blog for advice, project listings and more, all directed to construction executives.

For Consumers

  1. 100K House: Although this blog began as a record of one team’s attempt to build a LEED Platinyum home for $100k, it has become a broader project that covers current work, insights, ramblings and more that is both entertaining and educational.
  2. Handyman and Home Repair Professionals: Although not filled with fancy photos, this blog provides a professional perspective on handyman stories, instructions and more for any home owner who is serious about home remedies and DIY.
  3. Home Building, Renovation and Eco-friendly Blog: Learn about home building, renovation and eco-friendly choices from the Canadian family as they build a home in Calgary.
  4. Home Construction and Improvement: Todd Fratzel is a full-time principal engineer for a large design-build construction firm. his goal with this blog is to create a home improvement and construction blog that provides accurate and reliable information for any home owner.
  5. Homeowner’s Blog: Follow this blogger as he rebuilds a run-down ranch house located in the southeastern Catskill Mountains of New York State. You’ll learn many do-it-yourself projects, learn which projects best left to pros and more.
  6. Let’s Blog Construction: Learn more about landscaping, rebuilding, building and all the tools and tips you’ll need to do it yourself.
  7. New Construction Advice: Learn more about building a new home, from buying a piece of land to dealing with your general contractor and his staff. You also can ask questions about everything from buying land to taking care of a brand new home.
  8. One Project Closer: Every home owner knows that the list of home and community projects never ends. This blog looks at a variety of projects and solutions that can help your tasks become easier and more enjoyable.
  9. Tiny House Blog: Learn how to build and live in a tiny house. And, we mean tiny. Kent Griswold brings his love of small spaces to small space advocates.
  10. Young House Love: These Richmond homeowners are young, and the house is “old enough” be be a parent to this couple. While not quite a ‘this old house’ blog, it is a place where you can learn how to upkeep, change or rebuild your house.

Green Construction

  1. Building Green: Katie Zemtseff, environmental reporter at Seattle’s Daily Journal of Commerce blogs about green building issues in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and anywhere that might interest you.
  2. This blog, which is part of a larger venue on green building, provides real-time event coverage, news and opinion on the latest news in the green building world.
  3. Earth Architecture: Some green, some architecture, a lot of construction going on in this blog that focuses on architecture and construction from around the world.
  4. Green Building and Environmental Trends: Richard Cartlidge is a third-year student at Stetson University College of Law and a LEED AP interested in the areas of real estate development, land use and environmental law. Follow his insights in this frequently updated blog.
  5. Green Building Law Update: Learn more about green building codes, regulations, legal developments and trends through this blog provided by Chris Cheatham, a construction attorney and a LEED-Accredited professional.
  6. Green Goddess: Tanya Stock is the principal of Vida Verde, LLC, a green consultant who focuses on residential remodeling for consumers and trade professionals who want to build green.
  7. Greenconstructionuk’s Blog: This blog is about green construction, eco homes, low energy building and sustainable construction efforts.
  8. Jetson Green: This popular green magazine/blog is obsessed with green building and everything related to green construction including sustainable architecture, good design, green prefab and more.
  9. LEED Pro: A LEED consulting service provides tips, advice and news about the LEED-certified building industry.
  10. The Green Building Inspector: Sure, you can build green – but what if you want to buy green? This inspector has gained an appreciation for sustainable construction and offers tips on how to find this rare construction. Let Gary Smith educate you on all aspects of green living and construction.

Architecture and Design

  1. A Daily Dose of Architecture: If you want a daily architectural musing and image or both from New York City, this is your blog.
  2. A456: Enrique Ramirez uses this blog as a place to post thoughts about architecture and a wide variety of design- and built environment-related ideas.
  3. anArchitecture: This is an Austrian-based but internationally-focused blog related to architecture and architectural thinking aimed to broaden the horizons that belong to current architectural design.
  4. Archinect: The goal that drives this blog is to make architecture more connected and open-minded by bringing designers together from around the world to introduct new ideas from all disciplines.
  5. BLDGBLOG: Geoff Manaugh writes about architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures as he tackles various design issues.
  6. Build Blog: Join this blog’s discussion on modern design from the Northwest. The team at Build LLC authors this blog, which includes popular posts such as the “Construction Cost Cheat-Sheet.”
  7. Inhabitat: What construction or design blog list would be complete without this site? Inhabitat brings the latest in architecture, interiors, products, technology, energy and more to readers on a daily basis.
  8. Interactive Architecture: Learn more about emerging architecture and artistic practices where digital technologies and virtual spaces merge with tangible and physical spatial experiences. This is a blog filled with constant flux!
  9. Life Without Buildings: This blog’s focus is architecture out of context, along with observations on the built environment. The leaning here is toward pop culture, and it’s a focus for Jimmy Stamp, a designer and freelance writer based in San Fransisco.
  10. Super Colossal: This blog is written and maintained by an architecture office in Sydney, Australia. They offer readers a look at projects, news and off-the-wall architectural images.

Landscape Design/Construction

  1. Garden History Girl: Have you ever met someone with a degree in Garden History? If not, visit Arcady and her blog, where she focuses on recent and historic garden spaces and objects of interest.
  2. Landezine: This hot little contemporary landscape blog covers diverse topics such as cemeteries, memorials, gardens, green roofs and walls and much more.
  3. Landscape Architeck: Learn more about the world of landscape architecture and the interdisciplinary fields of architecutre, urban design, city planning and more from this landscape architecture student.
  4. Landscape+Urbanism Blog: Join Jason King, landscape architect, as he focuses on landscape architecture, sustainable urbanism, vegetated architecture, living walls, green roofs and more from Portland, Oregon.
  5. Places and Spaces: Stayon top of comments and news about environmental planning and design in the landscape industry, including environmental geomatics, environmental planning and landscape architecture.
  6. Pruned: From photographs of odd objects to signage to soil samples, this site brings a plethora of information to its readers.
  7. The Dirt: This blog is produced by the American society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), which is a national professional association that represents landscape architects.
  8. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: This blog is for anyone who is passionate about green technologies, green roofs and rooftop gardens, urban farming, sustainable living, vertical gardens and more.
  9. Veg.itecture: This blog is a spin-off site from Landscape+Urbanism (see above). The focus here is on green roofs, living walls and vertical farming solutions from around the world.
  10. World Landscape Architect: This blog is for landscape architects who view themselves as planners, urbanists, managers and engineers. This site brings the latest landscape news, events and information from around the world.

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