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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Management Degrees

What exactly is a construction management degree?

Construction management degree programs are designed to help persons become effective leaders in construction projects and organizations. Construction managers are responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and budgeting a multitude of projects such as building residential, commercial, and industrial structures. On the job experience is necessary to have success in the field, but their are also construction management courses that all successful managers will have taken. Construction management degree courses cover many different subjects such as project control and development, site planning, construction methods, design, accounting, cost estimating, business and financial management, inspection procedures, and more. All of these courses are designed to help graduates go on to have successful construction management careers.

What are the different types of construction management programs in this field?

If you are truly serious about working in the field of construction management, the most popular degree you should give the strongest consideration to is a bachelor's degree. However, a combination of experience and a lesser degree (such as an associate's) can often be just as good. However, as is often true in many fields, more education can typically lead to higher salaries.

Associate in Construction Management Degrees and Related Programs

Bachelor in Construction Management Degrees and Related Programs

Master in Construction Management Degrees and Related Programs

What is the average construction management salary?

Construction management salaries can vary significantly depending on one's job title, construction organization, education, and years of experience. However, the median annual wages of salaried construction managers has most recently been reported as approximately $79,000 per annum. The middle 50 percent of construction manager salaries fall between $60,000 and $100,000 annually. Persons who have obtained advanced degrees in construction management, coupled with experience can see their construction management salary exceed $145,000 in a given year.

What kinds of financial aid are available for construction management programs?

Affording a college education can be quite a challenge. However, there are many options available in the form of construction management scholarships and construction management grants. The biggest obstacle students have to overcome when searching for aid is simply the tendency to not search long enough. Starting of by filling out a FAFSA is always a great option, as one never knows how much federal aid can be qualified for. There are also many scholarships available for students interested in construction management. The CMAA Foundation awards scholarships to enrolled construction management students who are selected from a pool of applicants. The AGC Foundation also offers both undergraduate and graduate level scholarships for construction management students. Finally, students can apple for the Foundation of Wall & Ceiling Industry Scholarship, which can help significantly with education costs.

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